Ultra-Efficient Memory

Faster Memory

Ultra-Efficient Memory


Ultra-Efficient Memory



A non-volatile computer memory
with unparalleled energy efficiency
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High Endurance


Currently the $160bn per annum memory market is dominated by DRAM and flash. They both have strengths, but also significant weaknesses, making them only suitable for specific roles.

ULTRARAM™ is a ‘universal memory’ that combines the advantageous properties of DRAM and flash into a single memory concept, without any of their disadvantages.

Our patented memory technology uses quantum mechanical resonant-tunnelling to provide an unmatched combination of speed, non-volatility, endurance and energy efficiency.

ULTRARAM™ will allow the devices of tomorrow to have improved performance, whilst consuming significantly less energy.

An Ultra-Efficient Memory

Single bit switching energy at 20 nm node is...


100x lower than DRAM


1000x lower than Flash

10⁴X To 10⁷X

10,000x to 10,000,000x lower than other emerging memories


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Our team

Professor Manus Hayne

Prof Manus Hayne

Senior academic and inventor of ULTRARAM

Mr James Ashforth-Pook

Mr James Ashforth-Pook

Global deep tech entrepreneur and semiconductor industry expert
Doctor Peter Hodgson

Dr Peter Hodgson

Senior researcher and expert in III-V nanotechnology

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ULTRARAM is developed in partnership with Lancaster University and funded by the EPSRC (under IAA grant EP/X525583/1 and the Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub grant EP/P006973/1), by the Materials Social Futures doctoral training Program of the Leverhulme Trust, by the European Commission via ATTRACT (grants 777222 and 101004462), by MSCA-ITN QUANTIMONY (grant 956548) and by the Innovate UK ICURe program.
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